Monday, October 12, 2009

The Big Day

Well, it only sprinkled a bit when we were going and leaving so no real rain woes. It was pretty cold when we got there but after I got all my layers on, I was toasty and warm all day. Milord even started out complaining that he was too hot.

Anyway, we got so busy walking around, watching the shows (Sound and Fury FTW!), talking to all the people and getting asked to take photos with all the tourists... we kinda forgot to take pictures of ourselves.

We did manage to get TWO though. So be happy with that.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Almost there....

So, naturally, my plans for the collar lining weren't working out AT ALL... so I ripped it all out and re-did it. Yay for frustrated sewing! (not really... I think my machine needs a tune up now) I started working on the shoulder rolls with help from this blog, but those weren't turning out at all well EITHER, so I tossed them aside and did some quick and easy epaulette things. So far, so good.

Now all that's left to do is to fix up the closure for the dress (I'm thinking velvet ties with gold aigulettes), tack down the collar lining I've done (maybe add pearl accents if I have the time... there is a 3 hour drive to the festival) and fix up milord's scabbard with a fabric cover. *sigh*

*crosses fingers* that the weather doesn't get too hot, wet, muddy or humid!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Of course...

So I, in my infinite wisdom, decided I was taking milord to the Texas Renaissance Fest on October 10th for their Oktoberfest weekend for his birthday. Turns out it's also OPENING weekend.

By mutual consent we both decided to wear our court garb and (*points at title*) of course I decided to make those changes I talked about last year with a week or two to spare. *sigh* When will I ever learn?

I've taken the bodice completely off and tossed it away in the scrap bin. The new bodice isn't completed yet but it's a sort of doublet-jacket style with a large open neckline to still show off my stomacher piece. I still need to figure out if I'm going to do little doublet winglets or padded rolls to the shoulders and add the trims and hook and eyes, etc.

The forepart has gotten a makeover and I've added black trim for a diamond pattern around the fleur-de-lis with large pearls accenting the cross-over points. I also have ideas to add more pearls to the skirt and bodice for a nod towards Elizabeth's Pelican Portrait but not sure if that will get done in time for TRF.

My sister will be helping me hem the skirt (it never got done the first time around) tomorrow night since we're about the same height and size. So she'll be my dress dummy while I play seamstress.

I've also set aside the flat cap and made myself a fairly nice french hood if I do say so myself. Another plan is to make a different partlet with a gathered lace ruffle (not quite a ruff).

*another sigh* So much to do... I'm just rather tired of sewing for the moment so I'm taking a break. I'll be sure to update with photos when I'm done and also after the visit to TRF. *hops* I am rather excited about going again. It's been about 5 or 6 years since I've been.