Friday, October 9, 2009

Almost there....

So, naturally, my plans for the collar lining weren't working out AT ALL... so I ripped it all out and re-did it. Yay for frustrated sewing! (not really... I think my machine needs a tune up now) I started working on the shoulder rolls with help from this blog, but those weren't turning out at all well EITHER, so I tossed them aside and did some quick and easy epaulette things. So far, so good.

Now all that's left to do is to fix up the closure for the dress (I'm thinking velvet ties with gold aigulettes), tack down the collar lining I've done (maybe add pearl accents if I have the time... there is a 3 hour drive to the festival) and fix up milord's scabbard with a fabric cover. *sigh*

*crosses fingers* that the weather doesn't get too hot, wet, muddy or humid!

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