Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Halloween Costumes?

So, milord came to me a few evenings ago and mentioned a Halloween costume party his work would be throwing next month. He expressed an interest to go in his SCA garb. Normally, SCAdians have an aversion to wearing our garb to *costume* parties because our outfits are not COSTUMES. I assume because we have so very little chances to wear them over here though is why he wanted to go as such. I feel much the same way and have no problem with that, except...


No really, this isn't the typical female wailing whilst gazing at a closet full of clothes. My garb has "broken" (or needed fixing in the first place) since the last time I wore it (Drachenwald Crown Tourney 2006) and I haven't fixed it yet. The gathering on my chemise/camica has snapped around the collar, the sleeves were too long and one was wider than the other. The corded corset was rigged up in the back last minute when I got fed up with the thing because I'd already taken it apart 4 times to fix other issues and thinking I was done, hand-sewed 16 eyelets for the lacing before noticing yet another "issue". So I need another one of those. The gold court gown was an abysmal endeavor that will need to be re-done completely (bodice too narrow, straps too close together, bad polyester partlet/Elizabethan shirt, screwed up on the bodice point, skirt was poorly cut at opening to forepart, etc etc etc.... it's bad, trust me on this one). I'm not too torn up about there being so much wrong with it considering I literally drafted and sewed the thing myself in 3 days. I'm not exactly an expert seamstress in the first place and a time crunch like that for something so elaborate is BOUND to have mistakes.

We're also under a budget constraint due to having to move back to the US sometime in the next few months and needed money badly for that and keeping us from being homeless afterwards. So, I gotta work (mostly) with what I have. Which, lucky for me is considerable since I'm a fabric/notions hoarder.

To start I have *acres* of this beautiful crimson cotton velvet for the gown. PLENTY for even the most intimidating Elizabethan skirt and then some (perhaps a matching doublet and gown for milord?) The gold brocade from the last failure can be repurposed as a forepart and perhaps sleeves. I still have oodles of hemp for another corded corset (this time in a tabbed effigy-style for the major boob action *nudge nudge wink wink*). Along with various other fabrics, buttons (OMG, **TONS** of buttons), glass pearls and other notions, I think I'm 80% ready to build a complete outfit... *glances at calendar* in less than a month. *faints* I know I'm not going to have the time to do everything I want to it, so I also want to make it at least heading in the direction I will later take it for SCA-use.

On to the list. I gotta have a list or my mind keeps jumping from one thing to another trying to figure too much shit out simultaneously. It's like crafting ADD. Let's start from the bottom out:

* smock (basic undergarment dress - already have one but need to make sure it fits still)
* stockings/garters (gotta see about making my own... yay fun)
* shoes (have already, but need to line heel with felt or something because it gives me a wicked blister)
* corded effigy corset (I'm looking forward to making this)
* farthingale (think petticoat or hoop skirt... this will help the skirt keep it's bell-shape while being worn)
* bumroll (umm... exactly what it sounds like. A padded roll tied over your bum that keeps the skirts poufy in the back. Also helps give the illusion of a skinnier waist since the corsets job is to shape your chest, not cinch your waist. Think - Elizabethan equivalent of "junk in the trunk")
* kirtle skirt (to show off the forepart (... might skip this one)
* partlet/shirt (this essentially helps to cover every inch of your body EXCEPT for your cleavage... the Elizabethan men apparently really liked boobs)
* gown (yeah I know, took a long time to get here didn't it?)
* sleeves (matching the forepart I think... but dunno yet how I will go with this)
* headwear (either a flat cap or perhaps a pill box hat with a scarf detailing - dunno yet on this either. Could always attempt a french hood if I have enough time.)

And that should complete it. Other than perhaps a belt of some sort and carrying a fan or pouch, that should be it. Looks like an impressive list doesn't it? Better get started.... *grumble grumble*

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