Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stockings & Garters

I've never made stockings before. Or garters for that matter.


I have the ribbon trim I think I'm going to use for the garters. Milord found it the last time we went fabric shopping and I think it'll do quite nicely since it's red and gold.

Went to the fabric store today for fabric for the smock and came across some more trim. Perhaps I'll make several pairs of garters. ^_^ Also discovered some wonderfully soft wool remnants that will do great as stockings. I have a pair of store-bought medieval stockings that don't fit me and I missed the return/refund window on so I'm thinking I'll at least take those apart to figure out construction and simply make adjustments so they actually fit this time. Plus the wool has a bit more stretch than the linen they're made of so I'm sure that will help.

Shouldn't take at all long to whip them up once I get a pattern.

Finished up a pair of stockings! I might make another set but meh, that can wait. One for now is good. Took me 3 patterns (from various sources) to find one I liked without having to do much measuring. I still need to fix up the top edges (maybe some embroidery?) and make the garters.

The ribbon I'm using for the garters, doesn't it look great against the black wool?:

And some action shots (pardon the pasty white legs, black stockings don't help my tanless state):

And with my shoes. These stockings make the shoes MUCH more comfortable! Hopefully they won't be as blister-riffic as they have been when I'm wearing these:

Finished! They look kinda wonky and I may add some more trim to the backside but they're complete! Woot! One more thing off the list! I"ll add a photo later. ^_^

Just sneaking in the photo:



* fabric (approximately 1/8 yd)
* ribbon/trim for garters


* cut pattern and fabric for stockings
* make stockings
* cut fabric and ribbon for garters
* sew fabric and ribbon together
* attach D-rings for adjustment

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