Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Should have enough fabric from the farthingale to make the bumroll as well. I'm thinking I might actually finish that later tonight since it's so easy to assemble.

Well, I didn't get it finished last night because I was feeling poorly so I ended up going to bed but I cranked that sucker out first thing this morning. Took maybe 3 hours total. I can't really "test" it's sturdiness until I have the gown and such done but ah well, it's done as far as I'm concerned.

And an action shot. I asked milord, "does this make my butt look big?" :P (the only time in a woman's life where the answer could POSSIBLY be yes and she wouldn't get offended)


* fabric (approx. 1 yd)
* stuffing/fiberfill (or if you want to be historically accurate, fabric scraps)


* cut pattern and fabric
* sew together
* stuff
* handstitch closed

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