Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Removable Sleeves

Here's the fabric intended for the sleeves. It is the same red velvet that will be used for the french gown and the sleeved jerkin. Also shown with the white chiffon fabric I will be bunch up for the puff detailing.

Well, the fabric is in the washer now so I may start on these tonight if it's dry in time or perhaps tomorrow. In the meantime I think I'm going to fiddle around with some pearl and ruby detailing that will later be sewn down.

I'm about half-way through the puff detailing now. Have the left sleeve finished and some of the chiffon cut and sewn to start on the right tomorrow. Then I just have to add some pearls and stuff and a lining and one more thing off the list!! ^_^ Things are coming along soooo nicely. And the fabric is so much nicer now that it's washed. I only cut off and washed one panel and I've already made 2 hats and cut both sleeves from it and have enough left over to do the bodice. And that's not even getting into the acres I have left!! I'm thinking maybe a couple more panels cut for the skirt and I'll be good to go. Oh yeah, and milord's jerkin. I might start on that tomorrow rather than finish up the right sleeve. I'm starting to get a callous/sore spot on my pinkie from all the hand-sewing I've done the past few days so it might be good for a rest from that.

Today was a rather lazy day so I spent most of it hand-sewing more puffs on the sleeves and I started on the detailing. I'm so *in love* with how they're turning out! Take a peek:

Oh, not enough for you? Okay fine, here's a bit more:

STILL not enough? Why you greedy sons of....

There fine, ya happy now? ^_^

Still have one sleeve left to do and I'm toying with the idea of adding something within each square but I can always put that off until after Halloween. I'm so pleased with how everything is coming along so nicely. Although it makes me wonder whats going to get screwed up later that I have to spend up to the last minute fixing. As one garb-mistress said, "if you're not sewing yourself into it, it's not finished." :D

Finished up that second sleeve! Moving on to something else... woohoo! Coming along nicely. Only 16 days left though... better get cracking!



* fabric (approximately 1 yd main/lining colors - each - and 2 yds chiffon or similar)
* glass pearls (they'll hold up for much longer than plastic ones)


* cut fabric
* add white puff detailing diamonds
* add pearls
* sew together

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