Wednesday, October 1, 2008

French Gown

Finally got started today on my dress. ^_^ I've cut out the fabric and lining for the bodice and am working on putting it together now. Have to make a few more adjustments to get it looking like I want it to in the front but it's going good so far. From past experience I know it won't take me but a couple hours to finish up the skirt either. Then I would just have the trim left.

I noticed while putting together the hats that the polyester silk lining and the red velvet do NOT PLAY WELL TOGETHER. :/ That issue was easily rectified (ie - hidden) due to the design of the hat, but wouldn't work well with the bodice lining. So, like I've done with the knee breeches, I'm doing french seams in hope they're a bit better. So far, so good. :)

Finished up with assembling the skirt today. Did a bit of handsewing on the bodice to get the lining to stay "hidden" behind the fabric... still need to finish up a bit of that. I also have to work on getting the portions where the sleeves will tie to the bodice done.

Will probably get started tomorrow with cartridge pleating the skirts and hand-sewing them onto the bodice. That part's never that fun but easy enough to do. Although last time I did box pleats and machine stitched.... Anywho, as I've said in other posts, I'm hoping to have the majority of this thing done by Tuesday. Setting aside Wednesday to finish up the trimmings. ^_^ Still too much to do and I'm a bit stressed but things are still moving along well enough.

Well, I'm *retarded*. It finally occurred to me to try on the bodice with the corset. Gah. It's way too big and just doesn't work. Altering it lifts the waistline up by like 4 inches... so I have to re-do. :( I'm definitely going without the lining next time. It causes WAY too many problems with this project and at this point is pretty unnecessary anyway. *sigh*

This makes me so discouraged.... :( I had made up a muslin and everything (that fit without the corset on). I guess I'll end up making another muslin tonight (WITH THE CORSET ON!!) so I can get started on it first thing tomorrow. For now, I'm off to cook dinner.

Gah... ran out of fabric AGAIN. I'm washing another panel. I had done up another bodice pattern and lo and behold, when I tried it on it still didn't fit correctly. I used that to make a third one and the muslin fits perfectly now. But I'm out of fabric and have to wash some more. *sighs* Third times a charm??


10/29/08 Pt. 2
Yay, it worked!! I hand-sewed the new bodice to the skirts and I still need to touch up a few spots (skirts were heavier than I thought and I need to add more stitches where it loosened) and add the trim and eyelets to close it but it's mostly done!!! *whew* I'm soooo glad it turned out well finally. I was going to cry I was so frustrated with the darn thing. :/



* cut pattern and fabric
* make bodice
* make skirt
* add pleats to skirt
* sew skirt to bodice
* add velvet trim

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