Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Knee Breeches

Had milord try on his current pair of knee breeches to see if they fit since I'm using them as a general pattern for these new ones. His only real issue with them is that they're too short and pop out of his knee boots when he sits down so these new ones will have to be longer. That and I'm not adding pockets because they would look retarded and aren't anywhere near period accurate. Not to mention my pants pocket making skills are probably dismal. I could figure it out eventually but I can't handle that kinda of stress right now anywho.

But anyways, the old ones fit so I'll be using them as a template/pattern of sorts for these new ones.

I cut out the fabric and painted the pieces today. Gonna let them dry overnight and heat set the paint tomorrow and assemble the thing. Hopefully it fits. The muslin I did up was a smidge too tight so I made them more than a bit larger. Always easier to take them in, much more difficult to make them bigger. I have a feeling I will have to take them in, but meh, no biggie.

Well, I finished up sewing as much as I can without milord here to try them on and see if they fit. I have a feeling they'll be a mite large but with the drawstring waist and buttonflap, should be good to go. All I have left to do is sew on the waistband and the buttons/buttonholes. Should finish that up later tonight and hopefully start work on the sleeved jerkin and my dress this weekend. I hope to be finished with all the major sewing by Tuesday. *crosses fingers**

Had milord try them on and they are a too big by about 6 inches or so. I'll be having him try them on again so I can mark where they should be and fix them up. Anywho, the real reason for the update is the photo I took of the in progress.

Kitties gotta find their way into the photo somehow don't they? ^_^

And here's a photo showing off my beautiful (if I do say so myself) french seams:

Milord has chosen the buttons he prefers (larger wooden ones) and I'll be putting on the waistband and finishing with those tomorrow hopefully. :)

And another one bites the dust!! Finished the knee breeches today. Had milord try them on about 4 times during the process... pretty sure he's already sick of wearing them. :P Will post photos later!



* fabric (approximately 3 yds)
* buttons
* cord for drawstring


* cut pattern and fabric
* sew together
* add embellishment to fleur-de-lis pattern
* add waistband
* add buttons/buttonholes

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