Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The fabric for the partlet:

Other than the red trim and a couple pearls I may leave this relatively unadorned for now.

Got the pattern in the mail today. :) I wasn't planning on using a pattern (and I may still just not use it for this project) but since I was buying patterns for the flat caps and there's was a special price if you bought 3, I went ahead and tossed the partlet pattern into the cart. I may take a look at it later tonight and see what I think.

Finished most of the partlet just now. Still have to add the ties and some sort of trim and/or pearl accents but the major sewing is done! ^_^ I actually ended up making 2 because the first one followed the pattern exactly and was way too little for me. I went ahead and finished it and I guess it'll join our other loaner garb. It may fit a young girl or even a teenager. The second one, I made MUCH larger and paid a bit more attention to my own measurements (neck and torso length for example) and it appears to fit a whole lot better (still have to add ties and such so not 100% on it but pretty darn sure).

Anywho, here's a photo (apologies for the weird angle, I took the photo upside-down and flipped it):

I'll have to dig through my ribbon stash and find something appropriate for the ties. I have extra fabric I was thinking of doing a sort of box-pleated ribbon trim look to the collar and maybe adding some glass pearls for accents. Also considering some red embroidery lines to jazz it up a bit but I may forgo those so it can be used with more than one gown later. Will definitely add photos with what I decide though. ;)

It's taken me awhile to get back to this. I've made up the box-pleated trim to add to the collar but haven't sewn it on yet. I went to the arts and crafts center on base to pick up some ribbon for the ties but they were closed for the week. :( I think I have some stuff in my stash that will work okay though. I think if I get too burned out on the gown and jerkin tomorrow I will take a "break" and work on this. Won't take long at all.



* fabric (approximately 2 yds - silk organza, chiffon, etc recommended)
* glass pearls (optional)
* lace trim (optional)
* embroidery thread (optional)


* cut pattern and fabric
* sew together
* add trim and ribbon closure
* add pearls and accents (?)

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