Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spanish Farthingale

I've managed to start construction on this already. It's a pretty simple skirt constructed with channels sewn in horizontally that hold something stiff like caning or willow reeds to support the heavier gown skirts above. Since I don't have access to caning or reeds, I've ordered some aquarium plastic tubing... lol. I know, completely NOT period but my pocketbook has to make adjustments somewhere and for $20, the price is right.

Well, I decided the size just wouldn't do so I'm going to have to readjust the pattern slightly and add another gored panel in to make it work (yes, I'm channeling Tim Gunn).

This was semi-stressing me out so I've decided to just order a pattern off the net. With as much as I have to finish in... *looks at calendar* ... 26 days I need all the help I can get and I just don't have the time now to figure out this pattern thing. Bah, oh well. This design seems to be nicer from the finished examples I've seen on-line anyway. Remember, this stuff isn't being made for wearing just once, I need it to last for perhaps multiple outfits for awhile to come.

Yay, I got the pattern in the mail yesterday and spent a bit this afternoon on starting. I've got the pattern all cut out and sewn together. I still have to do the waistband and hem bits but I believe I'll wait a bit for these bias tape makers I ordered to come in to make my life easier.

Meh, I figured I couldn't wait for the bias tape makers because I only have 10 days left to finish up this stuff so I went ahead and adapted without it. I've got the channels marked and have sewn down 3 so far. Taking a mini break to embroider some more of the shirt. It's coming along nicely though. ^_^ Hopefully I'll finish the channels tonight.

I've come to the conclusion that aquarium tubing = bad idea. It's not really holding the shape well and it's a PITA to get in. I can feed it in only so far and then I have to scrunch fabric up around the tip and then smooth it out as I pull the tube through. The reason this sucks is because the tubing STRETCHES!!! I did the shortest hoop (the one near the top) and it literally took me over an hour and the results are still less than spectacular.

I had the idea to still insert the tubing (might be quicker to rip out the seams of the channels and sew the tubing directly in though with a zipper foot) and inside the tubing use this fencing wire I had laying around but apparently I threw it out when I cleaned and organized my craft room. >_< This is why I try never to throw anything out, I end up needing it later. Gah. I'll try to figure something out. If nothing works, I still have a hoop skirt I bought off the net that I can maybe use or something.

Well, since my bodice is giving me so much trouble I don't really have time to figure out the farthingale. I'm going with the store-bought hoop skirt for this event and will be fixing the farthingale at a later date. :( I feel bad I have to write this one off for now.



* cut pattern and fabric
* sew together
* add waistband
* mark fabric for channels
* sew channels
* add tubing
* add lacing

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