Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Flat Caps

Yay! I received my hat patterns in the mail today and I also got the millinery supplies in yesterday so I may head into this soon. Wish me luck, my first time making hats... lol. It's bound to be... *eventful*. :P


I still can't believe I'm making a hat... lol. This is so cool. I am definitely going to try my hand at making more. Right now I've only got maybe 2/3rds done. The red velvet needed to be washed badly (very musty and dirty because the previous owner kept it in a basement on the floor) so I've had it airing out in the sun for half the day and it's now in the washer. Until that's dry I can't go any further with the hat making. For now, I guess it's called the "mulling" is done. I took a photo at the step just before that.

At this point, the millinery wire has been hand-sewn to the edge of 2 pieces of heavy buckram and then covered with some french bias tape that's been glued down. I've also sewn some fleece (according to the directions, it's supposed to be flannel, but I didn't have any in the house that I wanted to spare and I figure fleece is fine as a stand-in) to both sides and trimmed all the seams down.

Can't wait to see what it looks like finished. ^_^

Well, I finished up with the TWO flat caps today. ^_^ Here's a photo of milord's cap before I sewed it to the brim:

And here's mine being modeled by Caleb the teddy bear:

I'm still waiting for my ostrich feathers to arrive and I'll add those and I'm also working on ideas for other embellishments. More pearls or gold beads, perhaps rubies in some fashion. Haven't decided yet. Anywho, I'm excited they're done for the most part and still amazed that I made a hat... much less two. LOL!

Made a biggins cap today. Well, at least a facsimile of one. I still need to sew in "catches" for the hairpins to keep it in place and also figure out how to keep the hat on my head with hatpins....

Anywho, my cap is cute. A bit small but will do the job nicely I think. :)

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