Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kirtle Skirt

Here's the fleur-de-lis fabric I have for the forepart:

Sorry again for the slight blurry-ness. The fleur-de-lis image is very subtle and I want it to pop more so I might add pearls to it or embroider or I don't know yet.

Well, since my fingertips need at least a day off from anything having to do with hand-sewing I think tomorrow I'm going to experiment with the fleur-de-lis fabric and some fabric paints to see how I can get those details to pop a smidge more than they do in real life. I have some metallic gold, a couple shades of yellow/gold and black I'm thinking of trying. I think I also have a metallic copper which may look neat with the corset front accent being about the same shade.

I'm still waiting on the farthingale pattern to show up so I'm kinda stuck for now on the actual construction of this skirt and the gown since they both go over the farthingale and I need to know how long to make them. Debating on getting milord to help me pin for the hemming or dragging my butt over to Mo's house since (no offense to milord) she actually knows what she's doing. :/

Anywho, possible photos soon of whatever I decide to do!

Well, I did some painting today and I'm still trying to decide which color to use. Take a peek:

I'm torn between the bronze and the black and milord prefers the bronze. Decisions, decisions.... I think I shall get some third+ opinions.

Darnit... I keep forgetting about this part. *sigh* Not sure I have enough of that white fabric left over actually.... I may just add a forepart to my farthingale and call it a day since I have so much left to do. *gah* I'll cut up the fabric and do the painting first thing tomorrow so it has time to dry and perhaps I'll have time to finish it up on Tuesday. As you can see from the photos of the knee breeches, I've decided to go with the black paint. I figure it'll look the best if I decide to later add any pearls or beading for embellishment.

I cut out the forepart today and painted the detailing. I'll let it dry overnight and then figure out what to do with it. :/ I'm heavily leaning towards adding it to the farthingale. Hrm... maybe I can re-use the fabric I used for the first farthingale that was too small.....

If I add in the forepart piece it will be more than large enough. All I'd have to do is add a waistband afterwards. This is a good idea... I'll have to look into doing that tonight.

Well, I tried adding the forepart to that first farthingale skirt I cut and it works perfectly!! ^_^ All I need to do now is add a waistband and some way to lace it and I'll be all set.



* cut pattern and fabric
* sew together
* add forepart
* add detailing
* add waistband and lacing
* hem skirt

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