Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blackworked Shirt

Thankfully I already have a white shirt for milord that I planned on doing some blackwork embroidery on. Shouldn't take too long to finish that up.

Scratch that "shouldn't take too long" part, I forgot how long it takes to embroider stuff. Gah. Back to the stitching....

Finished the left cuff today. No pics yet because it's still wet from where I rinsed off the Mark-B-Gone marker I was using as a guide for the stitchwork. It's not my best either. Silk sucks for this sort of thing. I may go back over everything at a later date to make it more substantial but for now what I'm doing will satisfy the 10-foot rule. I think I might try harder at the collar portion since that's the part most people will spend a lot of time seeing.

Finally bothered to upload a photo of the cuff I have finished. I'm not at all loving the stitchwork on this though. I haven't done any work on it since the last time I posted either. I think I'm putting it off because I'm so discouraged with what I've done so far. Definitely some crappy mistakes and I see now I have to start and end each flower individually because you can see the thread through the fabric. Bah. Anywho... here's a photo of what I have done so far:

It's done in split stitch but I'm really not liking how it's, ... well, splitting. I may try a stem stitch for the other cuff and see how I like that look. I will also make smaller stitches so the flowers aren't so blocky looking. :/

I got a lot more stitching on this done today. Finished up the right cuff and got 7 or 8 done on the collar. I'm still doing split stitch but I switched to a DMC cotton instead of the silk and it's looking a LOT better. A lot nicer from across the room as well. I'll be ripping out the satin threads from the left cuff and re-doing it after I finish up with the collar. I'm really glad it's looking so much better. I'll try to post photos tomorrow so y'all can see the difference. ^_^

Finished up with the collar just now. ^_^ I had to wash the previously done silk cuff because it had stained the fabric a lovely (read: "ick") brown/gray from when I washed away the Mark-B-Gone marker that I was using as a guide. So, I have to wait for it to dry before I can mark it again and finish up with the last bit. Soooo much hand-sewing today. Owwie. *sucks thumb*

Yay!! Finished!! *happy dance* It still needs to be ironed (badly) but I thought I'd go ahead and post a photo of all my hard work. See how much better the cotton looks?

Glad to have something else complete. ^_^



* white shirt (mine was purchased from a ren faire booth for around $30 IIRC)
* embroidery thread


* embroider collar (19 rosettes)
* embroider left cuff (7 rosettes)
* embroider right cuff (7 rosettes)

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