Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sleeved Jerkin

I uhh... lost my Tudor Tailor book. It had the pattern outline in it. Bah. I've searched everywhere. It should be in the bedroom, living room, craft room or the office (only places I've taken it) but I can't find it. :( Very boo. I have one of the big three's doublet patterns and I'm thinking I will have to take that and adapt it possibly.... I guess we'll find out tomorrow. :/

Yay!! I found my book!! *dances* Definitely glad I found it. It was hiding behind a chair next to the dresser in the bedroom. *sigh* Anywho, started a bit of work on this today. Figured once again that armscythes are not my forte. I'm getting better though. After cutting up the 2 panels I washed yesterday for my skirt, I barely had enough fabric to work on the man-bodice portion of this. Still need to add some more across the chest too.

Anywho, will be washing/drying another panel tonight and finishing this puppy up tomorrow hopefully. I hope to have all the major sewing done by Tuesday. Then perhaps adding the trim and stuff on Wednesday. Finishing touches Thursday. Friday is for relaxing and making cupcakes for the party. ^_^

Holy crap this thing uses a lot of fabric. I've cut out 3 "skirt" panels (milord doesn't like me calling them skirts although that's what the pattern calls them... but whatever, I'm a seamstress, not defender of his masculinity) and still need one more. I also need to re-do the "bodice" portion or add on to it, not sure which one yet. The sleeves are also bothering me... gah.

Need to wash another panel tonight so still not getting to this one until tomorrow it looks like. *sigh* I hate the "down to the wire" stuff. **stresses**

Alllllmost finished with this. I need to work on cuffs and add the trim but otherwise, it's finished. ^_^ Milord was suitably impressed now that it's put together. Just trying on a pieced vest or looking at the photo I drew apparently wasn't good enough for him to "get the picture". I'll have to have him put everything on before Friday for a trial run to make sure it all looks good together though.

Rather than dealing with gathering so much sleeve fabric into a much smaller cuff, I simply hemmed them. Milord prefers them more open anyhow and they're more likely to show off the wonderful stitchwork I did on the shirt. ^_^

I'm still going to add some sort of frog clasp across the top to keep the collar shut and I have to do the trim which I guess will come along tomorrow. :)



* fabric (approximately 8 yards)


* cut pattern and fabric
* sew together
* add cuffs
* add velvet trim

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